Unison AutomationTechnologies: Redefining Industrial Automation and System Integration

CIO Vendor Industrial automation has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades, helping to bring in large scale improvements in production efficiency as well as operational improvements across various industries. Information systems and business applications have also matured to help organizations gain more visibility and control over their operations. Moreover, Industrial Manufacturing, after almost a decade of slow growth, finds itself today in the midst of a healthy turnaround with system integrators playing a crucial role in sustaining this growth. Corroborating this fact are research reports which forecast the global system integrator market for industrial automation to reach USD 56.05 billion by 2022. Among the major factors driving this growth is the increased use of Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial automation, rising safety and security concerns, demand for low-cost energy efficient production processes and automation in manually uncontrollable processes.

However, despite these advantages,today’s automation world comes with its own challenges, where the systems that are required are more complex with increased levels of compliance and more volumes of data. Furthermore, there is also a dearth of manpower with the required expertise, difficulties in training young engineers, a rapidly expanding gap between mobile, accessible, and versatile technologies and the lack of secure systems to protect the integrity of operating facilities. As a result, organizations in this segment are in need of system integrator partners and qualified engineers to not only help them navigate the complex world of industrial automation but to also meet their project management needs across engineering, procurement and commissioning. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Durgapur headquartered Unison Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to address them with a comprehensive portfolio of Engineering, Commissioning and Automation services, to help organizations meet the elevated standards of the industry.

Incepted in 2004, Unison Automation Technologies first came into existence as Universal Automation Technologies, with a vision to provide companies the best material handling systems solutions and information technology to help them compete in global markets. With its registered office located at Faridabad and head office at Durgapur, West Bengal; the company started its journey as a System House of SIEMENS Ltd. for automation, GE India Industrial Pvt. Ltd. for Industrial UPS, Drives for ABB Ltd. and Engineering services for Emerson Process Management. Today, Unison has grown to serve as an industrial automation system integration partner for a number of industries and provides a host of technical services and support for world class automation products from SIEMENS and ABB to UPS from GE India.

The company also undertakes Field Instrumentation Maintenance contracts across different industries and is currently executing the same at NTPC and some state owned power plants. Unison accomplishes this with the help of a strong contingency of 75+ trained staff, inclusive of 65 Engineers, that specialize in providing services for design, engineering, commissioning and maintenance. “India, today, has great scope for the growth of automation across various industries, particularly in those where operations are manual. The rising number of Greenfield projects is also calling for advanced automation technologies and support,” explains Bharat Rakheja, Director, Unison Automation. “Unison’s services and policies are structured for industries who wish to upgrade their plants or better comply with industry standards. We also focus extensively on service quality, ethical execution and recruiting expert manpower, which has helped set us apart from our competitors,” he adds.

Unison’s team of over 65 engineers routinely handles different projects across automation and system integration. With over 12-15 engineers working in drives, more than 7-10 engineers working in PLCs, and at least 10 engineers working on projects in the DCS and power plants, the company caters to services for production lines, commissioning and maintenance in these areas. The company is also engaged in several UPS projects and is currently attending to around 500 sites for UPS alone PAN India.

Facilitating Instrumentation and Maintenance at Power Plants
When it comes to providing automation services, Unison’s services have been designed in a way so as to cater to both the functional as well as technical aspects of industrial automation. The functional services provided by the company include Engineering and Commissioning, After sales services, Field Instrumentation Construction and Maintenance services and Training in PLC, SCADA, DRIVES and Automation Engineering. More over, understanding that commissioning of an automated system is undoubtedly the most difficult aspect of a system start up, Unison leverages the problem solving skills of its commissioning team in order to maximize system productivity.

Unison also focuses extensively on Power Plant Automation, where the company takes contracts for power plant instrumentation and maintenance. In order to accomplish this, Unison employs its expert manpower that have been recruited and trained through the company’s training setup to carry out power plant maintenance. Unison also carries out commissioning activities for different types of instruments used in power plants including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, controllers and slow sensors. The company also ensures that all facilities are made available onsite for every instrumentation and maintenance project undertaken at power plants.

“We own calibrating instruments of high range with test certificates, which is a crucial requirement for the process industry today. We are also always ready to provide calibrating Instruments as well as a well trained
manpower with excellent domain expertise and capabilities, which is the utmost need of any power plant and process industry,” affirms Bharat. Over the years, Unison has taken contracts for the maintenance of several power plants including a 210 MW unit of DVC, Mejia.

We bring solutions for process & automation industries complemented with strong project execution expertise in india & abroad

Another important area of operation that Unison is set to focus on in the upcoming months is its role as a Sales partner in addition to being a service provider. Soon to become the authorized sales partner for Fuji Electric in East India, the company will focus on handling the sales of gas analyzers used to monitor the emission of pollution from power plants and industries such as the chemical and steel industries. “With the government now becoming stricter on pollution norms, there is an increased need to monitor the release of pollutants into the atmosphere and a subsequent high demand for such analyzers across the power and chemical industries,” explains Bharat.

Unison has also been authorized for the sales of other products such as drives, PLC automation products and steel instruments including temperature sensors and independent PID controllers, which the company will undertake in the near future.

Meeting the Technical Needs of the Automation Industry
With hands on experience in dealing with world class Automation products from established organizations such as SIEMENS, UPS and GE India, the company caters to several technical areas of automation such as Distributed Control Systems, T-3000 Systems, Field Instrumentation, Static Excitation System (Simex-G), Drives Sequence of Event Recorders (SIESER), Industrial UPS up to 750 KVA and ABB Drives.

"Unison’s services and policies are structured for industries who wish to upgrade their plants or better comply with industry standards"

Another one of Unison’s specialties is its Training Center where both Individual and Onsite training are provided as per the client’s needs. Understanding that training employees not only makes them more efficient but also more knowledgeable before customers and provides them with a better understanding of implementations and troubleshooting of problems, Unison’s Training Center offers courses in PLC, SCADA, Drives and Automation Engineering. With industries needing to re skill their existing technical workforce in the areas of Industrial Control and Automation to keep up with the ever-changing hardware and software requirements, this training program is designed to help students, fresh recruits, and also experienced professionals to upgrade and enhance their technical skills and expertise. The institute also ensures the availability of the best man power onsite for sudden requirements of projects.

Expanding through Partnerships
Having assisted several organisations in their Automation and System Integration Projects over the last 15 years, Unison Automation has emerged as a distinguished solutions provider in this domain that is widely commended for its offerings. Moreover, the company’s deep knowledge and understanding of the market dynamics, affordable servicing and high emphasis on ethics has also helped Unison build a good reputation for itself and gain an upper hand in the industry. “In the present day scenario where competition is very high, a lot of enterprises prefer to offload their projects to us as our overheads are very low compared to other multinational companies. This not only benefits our customers by reducing costs for them but also brings us an increase in growth, every year,” weighs in Bharat.

Team Unison Automation Technologies

Leveraging this position, Unison Automation has gained an expansive client base across multiple industry verticals. This includes clients in the chemicals and fertilizers industry, cement industry, solar industry, polymers and glass, thermal power plants and hydro power plants, where Unison has carried out several successful automation project implementations.

Moving forward, Unison Automation has an elaborate blueprint mapped out for the future, where the company intends to expand its business through sales partnerships with other multinational enterprises. The company also plans to build a network of services in the Oil and Gas industry through establishing service partnerships with Oil and Gas MNCs. “The Unison team is not only looking forward to implementing new projects in the Power industry but also hopes to recruit the right manpower with the required expertise as this is vital for any enterprise in the automation segment. The coming financial year will be crucial for us as we are expecting to witness a 30-40 increase in growth,” signs off Bharat.