Enhops Solutions - Demystifying Testing Automation Preferences with Global Delivery Methodology

CIO Vendor Gartner quotes that worldwide software testing market is expected to hit $50 billion by 2020 and India would be one of the big beneficiaries of this market growth. While traditional client-server, web and ERP technologies will continue to be pillars of software testing business, lot of growth is expected in the areas of Mobile Apps, IoT, Cloud and Big Data. However, this brings enormous challenges in the realm of software testing given such a complicated technology canvas. Ericsson survey shows that smartphone user base is expected to reach 6.3 billion by 2021. One classic challenge will be to test the software adequately while ensuring releases are rolled out early. As organizations are moving towards Agile and DevOps, they are focusing on increasing tools usage for better and efficient delivery. The exponential rise in test automation requirement brings with it multiple challenges in quality, time and cost and calls for establishing an effective end-to-end automation solution.

Need of the hour is to optimize regression based on risk and impact analysis while adopting model based test design and data generation tools to optimize effort and enhance coverage. Test automation service providers are challenged with providing a comprehensive solution in the ever-changing market conditions. Hyderabad located Enhops Solutions offers its homegrown EASi framework to fulfill the requirement for a holistic and sustainable test automation solution. “EASi uses the proven ETVX approach and integrates industry standards as well as homegrown test accelerators to deliver efficient and robust solution,” says Raghav Beeram, CEO & Managing Director at Enhops.
EASi provides better integration of automation scripts, cloud device farms and solutions with focus on continuous delivery. On one side, it addresses environment set-up challenges by integrating the environment provisioning tools with automation framework while on the other, it ties up with other tools in the testing eco-system such as test management and build management tools to maximize the benefits. Also, it integrates Enhops’ internally developed utilities such as QuesT, EstiMate, KnoRA and OptiTest for delivery efficiency. Furthermore, EASi supports advanced frameworks such as behavior driven, scriptless and progressive in-sprint automation. “Enhops has highly competent and technically savvy automation consultants to discuss, analyze and help in adopting EASi into the testing mainstream,” adds Raghav Beeram.

Enhops Solutions offers its homegrown EASi framework to fulfill the requirement for a holistic and sustainable test automation solution.

Enhops Solutions provides independent software testing services with diversified experience and an unbiased view. In the software testing space, Enhops Solutions offers its services with a value-focused strategy to assure quality early. “We aim to create value by delivering pointed solutions owing to our diverse testing experience across various industry segments and application types. Rather than a cookie cutter approach, our services and solutions are tailor-made to our customers’ needs and preferences,” shares Raghav Beeram. The company aims to enrich user experience through its user centric testing services. Currently, the company focuses on developing IPs in the test automation arena aiming to attain 35 percent increase in quality, 40 percent reduction in cost and 30 percent reduction in cycle time.